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Geann A professional manufacturer of Ceramic Valve Cartridges and Plumbing Valves.


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Geann Industrial Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of valve cartridge in Taiwan that providing Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridge, Rough-In valve and OEM / ODM precision parts.

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Choosing the right faucet ceramic cartridge, especially when considering ceramic disc valve cartridges, rough-in valves, and OEM/ODM precision parts, requires a deep understanding. You need a supplier familiar with these specific needs and products. Here's a step-by-step guide: Geann is here to assist you in making an informed decision. Read More
At Geann, we often receive inquiries from clients about how to test the flow rate of their purchased valves and faucets. Several international standards guide these tests: Read More
Geann adopts ASMEA112.18.1, EN817 and AS3718 standards to do torque test for operating mechanism. Read More
Since every different standard gives the corresponding test methods, there are ASME A112.18.1, EN817, EN200 and AS3718 to specify endurance of cartridge or faucet. Read More
The burst test is a crucial evaluation for faucet ceramic cartridges characteristics. It's designed to prevent leakage stemming from the water hammer effect, which typically happens when a valve abruptly closes at a pipeline's endpoint. For faucets, we subject the valve cartridge to two testing conditions: valve closure and outlet closure (end point close). If the ceramic disc serves a diverting purpose, a burst test isn't essential. Our design team meticulously examines the cartridge body's structure and emphasizes the sealing part's smoothness. These elements are pivotal in successfully passing the burst test. During production, our quality assurance team periodically selects cartridges for comprehensive testing, ensuring they uphold our highest standards. Read More
The sensitivity test evaluates the precision of temperature control in faucet valve cartridges, and the ceramic disc's design is crucial to achieving this sensitivity. While the handle's length can influence temperature, during the design stage, we prioritize considerations like water backflow and sealing area to guarantee optimal sensitivity. Notably, between 34°C and 42°C, our faucet valve cartridges outperform competitors, boasting unparalleled sensitivity worldwide. Read More
The integrity of a faucet ceramic cartridges during delivery is paramount. Not only does packaging safeguard the faucet, but it also offers a vital first impression of a supplier's commitment to quality. However, ensuring that faucet valve cartridges remain undamaged during transit poses a unique challenge. Dive deeper to understand Geann's meticulous approach to packaging. Read More
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