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Geann Industrial Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of valve cartridge in Taiwan that providing Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridge, Rough-In valve and OEM / ODM precision parts.

How To Place An Order

How to make an order with Geann?
Geann is a leading manufacturer of valve cartridges in Taiwan that providing Ceramic disc valve cartridge, rough-in valve and OEM/ODM precision parts.
As long as you provide the dimension, quantity and requirements, we can find the suitable products for you.
Fill out the below form and we will give you feedback as soon as possible.

  • Inquiry: send your requirement and confirm the size, quantity, material, please state your corresponding design to us.
  • Quotation: Geann's sales team will give you feedback, like unit price and MOQ. If you need, we'd love to provide samples for you.
  • Confirm order: If you're satisfied with our products and services, confirm the final order.
  • PI for payment: We will provide Proforma Invoice for you and check the payment terms.
  • Cooperation: Pleasure to be your business partner.

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