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How to make an order with Geann? Geann is a leading manufacturer of valve cartridges in Taiwan that providing Ceramic disc valve cartridge, rough-in valve and OEM/ODM precision parts. As long as you provide the dimension, quantity and requirements, we can find the suitable products for you. Fill out the below form and we will give you feedback as soon as possible. Read More
Flow Rate is the information to provide the valve and faucet manufacturers in referencing to determine the water supply rate under each dynamic water pressure. There are several international standards to guide the flow rate test. For North America market, chapter 5.4 of ASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1 is the guideline to determine the flow rate. And there is EN817 and EN200 as the flow rate standard to meet the Europe requirements. For the Faucet or Valve in Australia, AS/NZS 3718 would be the test method to achieve the WELS requirements.TESTING FLOW RATE IN ULTRASONIC FLOW METER Geann Industrial Co., Ltd. tests the flow rate of the cartridge and components with ultrasonic flow meter. It provides electronic reading information for analysis. The accuracy of Ultrasonic Flow meter is much more current than mechanical flow meter. Geann will able to determine the flow rate in each dynamic water pressure and curve the flow diagram for our customer as referencing.CALIBRATING FLOW METER IN WEIGHT PERIODICALLY Periodically calibration will increase the reliability in the measurement. For Ultrasonic Flow meter, Geann uses Weight Scale to compare the measurement and correct the reading from Flow meter periodically to make sure the test result is reliable.PROCEDURES OF TESTING FLOW RATE Testing technician will install the test specimen onto test bench and collect to Ultrasonic Flow meter for testing circumstance setting. First, technician will adjust the dynamic water pressure to 6 kg-cm2 for the water to fill in the pipeline in full status. And then, adjust the dynamic water pressure from 6 kg-cm2 to 1 kg-cm2 progressively and record the flow rate at each level of the dynamic water pressure. Meanwhile, technician will pay attention on the flow rate changing ratio during dynamic water pressure adjustment. It will be helpful for the following analysis. Normally, testing technician will test the flow rate in the condition which we called – “Without Resistance”. It means there will be resistance from manifold to the water outlet and the resistance will limited the actual flow rate of the cartridge and diverter. Testing technician will design the test bench in direct flow to simulate the flow rate without resistance. It helps our engineering team to have better understanding on where is the bottleneck of the flow rate. Read More
Geann adopts ASMEA112.18.1, EN817 and AS3718 standards to do torque test.The following information is four parts, including operating torque, cartridge strength, retainer tightening torque and overtightening influences. Basically, Geann abides by the highest rule among several international certificates. In this way, we could not only meet various customer’s need, but also ask ourselves to produce the best cartridge.OPERATING TORQUE We usually indicate that operating torque is operating controls that open or close water supply shall withstand a torque or force. Every certification shows different value of torque, like ASME three times of 1.7Nm, EN817 6Nm for 5minutes, EN200 6Nm for 5minutes, AS3718 8Nm for 30 to 50 seconds. How do we test? We assemble the cartridge in the fixed body and follow the rules to test and evaluate the torque value with professional tools. From R&D department, we do the evaluation in the progress of a new designed item. Even if it’s a standardized cartridge, we also inspect a certain proportion of cartridge to ensure the quality. Due to operating torque is important to a cartridge, the way of turning on the water is decided by the operating torque. It is an important factor of turning on hot or cold water. Most important of all, after the test of life cycles, the operating toque is still stable.CARTRIDGE STRENGTH How do we test? Take AS3718 as an example, first we install a cartridge in the body and fix them. Based on our setting of locking torque 8-10Nm(single lever cartridge) and 12-15Nm(ceramic brass cartridge), and the handle will be forced 8Nm for 30 to 50 seconds according to AS3718 standard. Above is first step and we check the parts of the cartridges are all harmless and then do air test to proceed the next step. In the second stage, we impose the strongest force to the cartridge and keep rotating it until it is broken. The maximum of torque will show by red pointer. In addition, though the handle is damaged or cracked, Geann’s special design on cartridge construction will lead the cartridge to crack at a safety point so users could still rotate the spindle to close water with simple tool. Normally, once your handle is broken, the water supply would not stop. Therefore, a safety mechanism of cartridge is important.RETAINER TIGHTENING TORQUE Install the cartridge to the body according to the tightening torque instruction. Usually you could use wrench and tools fix the cartridge into the body. Then, check if the strength of cartridge is stable and make sure the effect of seal abide by the rule of certification. The situation of over tightening torque would cause life cycles and operation of handle, on the other hand, the cartridge would show leakage when the torque is not enough. We provide the best operating torque and enhance the life cycles of cartridges.OVERTIGHTENING INFLIENCES Overtightening is negative to a cartridge, and so is overlocking the nut, both would cause the broken handle and result in the leakage, even break the parts of cartridge. Geann implements long-term tests and achieves worldwide requirement of life times. Therefore, we are very careful to this kind of problem, please follow the instruction and control the torque appropriate. Read More
Since every different standard gives the corresponding test methods, there are ASME A112.18.1, EN817, EN200 and AS3718 to specify endurance of cartridge or faucet.Geann has professional test machine to proceed the tests. We always verify the endurance of cartridge before we dispatch the shipment. Also, when we revise the design of dimension, structure or any parts, we do the test as well.During the test, we would record if there is any failure, including assembly-fracture and broken components.To abide by the conditions of certificates, including water temperature, flow rate, speed, dwell time and so on, we complete every details and do the test with set-up testing machine. Geann has various cartridges, like 25/35/40mm single lever cartridges and G3/8”G1/2”G3/4”brass ceramic cartridges. Each kind of cartridge, we have different test method. Take single lever cartridge for example, we need to test the endurance in flow control directions and temperature control directions under set-up circumstances for above 50,0000 times.KEEP STABILITY DURING CARTRIDGE LIFE TIME Geann monitors the change of torqueduring endurance test and adjusts the details of the design to offer stable operating torque during whole life cycle. After that, when the items go into bulk production, we also adopt sampling test for high quality. Even we finish the life cycle test, we will keep testing sealing and operation test according to required certificates to make sure the cartridge works fine after endurance tests.LIFE CYCLE REQUIREMENT OF NORTH AMERICAN MARKET To meet the requirement in US market followed by ASME112.18.1, for manually activated valves or controls, we shall open, operate, and close with a torque or force that not exceed 120% of specified torque. In the operating requirement, the linear force of NPS-1/2 and smaller control should be 67N and operating torque is 1.7Nm. the linear force of which is larger than NPS-1/2, the linear force should be 110N and operating torque is 2.8. For self-closing valves, the linear force should be 45N and operating torque is 1.7Nm.LIFE CYCLE REQUIREMENT OF EUROPEAN MARKET To meet the requirement in Europe market followed by EN817, the test method includes rectangular movement and triangular movement. The single lever cartridge would pass 70,000 times and brass ceramic cartridge pass 200,000times in the condition of hot water temperature 65±2°C, cold water temperature≤30°C, flow rate adjusted by downstream resistance (6±1)l/min, static pressure (0,4±0.05)Mpa, speed (60±5) °angular/s, dwell time (5±0.5)s and pH value 8±1.LIFE CYCLE REQUIREMENT OF NORTH AUSTRALIAN MARKET To meet the requirement in Australia market followed by AS3718, we set to open to at least 90% of full open, the water supply system was heated to 80 degree for hot source and the torque was set to 2.5Nm to control the handle and opening and closing times was about 1s to complete the test. The cycles was commenced from the cold source ad continued and changed the water supply after every 55 cycles. After 10,000 cycles, the diverter was fixed. The nominal flow rate was 7.5L/min and the difference between the highest and lowest average flow rates at 150 kPa, 250 kPa and 350 kPa was 1.9L/min. Finally, the cartridge would pass 50,000 life times. Read More
The burst test is one of the most important parts of Cartridge characteristics. To avoid the leakage from the water hammer effect, which commonly occurs when a valve closes suddenly at an end of a pipeline system. In terms of a faucet, we test in two conditions, including valve close and outlet close (end point close). Basically, if the ceramic disc is for diverting, there is no need to do burst test. Our designers would inspect the structure of the cartridge body and pay attention to the smoothness of the sealing part. These two factors are the key to pass the burst test finally. In the process of production, our quality team also picks up the item randomly to do complete test and make sure our top quality.THE TEST STANDARDS OF ASME112.18.1 According to the clause of ASME112.18.1, it defines that the fittings shall withstand a hydrostatic test at the pressure specified in the 500 psi for 1 minute without permanent distortion or failure of the pressure envelope.THE TEST STANDARDS OF EN817 First, connect the mixing valve to the test circuit with the cartridge closed and apply the mechanical valve inlet a static water pressure of 2.5±0.05 MPa and maintain it for 60 seconds. After that, we would check if there is permanent deformation of the valve.THE TEST STANDARDS OF AS3718 Mount the cartridge into the test pipeline and connect the pressure system. First, bleed off all the air in the pipe and close the valve. Open the tap and run hot water at 80±2°C through it for a period of 30 min at a flow rate of not less than 2L/min, except that taps marked cold water only shall be tested at 40±2°C. Measure the water temperature at a point 100mm upstream from the tap connection to check on flow-through temperature. Next, close the tap and apply a pressure of 3MPa and hold this pressure for 60 minutes. In the end, dismantle the tap and visually inspect if there is any breakage. Read More
Sensitivity test is the accuracy of controlling temperature, and how to design the ceramic disc is the key to sensitivity. Although the temperature would be affected with the length of handle, in the stage of design, we put the water back flow and sealing area into consideration to ensure the high sensitivity. Especially between 34°C and 42°C, we have the best sensitivity than any other manufacturer in the world.SENSITIVITY REQUIREMENT FOR EUROPEAN MARKET According to the standard of EN817, which is most followed by European market, the test range of temperature is from 34°C to 42°C. This range is most frequently adopted by users. Except for the temperature, the water supply pressure is 0.3±0.02Mpa (3±0.2bar) and operate the handle by 0.5 degree per second, we record the variety details. When the temperature control device reaches the end of its movement, return the device to its starting position, and turn these records into the sensitivity curve. From 34°C to 42°C,The minimum amplitude movement of basin/sink control device is 10mm; shower/bath control device is 12mm. Geann’s Single Level Cartridge provides 20° operational angle at 34°C to 42°C temperature range. Our Single Level Cartridge offers wide range for users to adjust temperature between 34°C to 42°C. It means users could fine-tuning the temperature they want by using Geann High Sensitivity Cartridge. Read More
Nobody wants to face your products getting damaged during delivery, the packaging represents an important impression of a supplier, a well-packaged goods keep safe and prevent bouncing around. But how can we make sure the damage doesn't happen? Please read on to find our more our details of packing.We choose the suitable packing material for our standardized products, and we can change the package according to your needs. Concerning the fragility and value of product, there are different kinds of ways for packaging. In addition, shipping by sea or air also need corresponding package. Geann would try our best to achieve your further requiremnt as long as you need, welcome to contact with us. Read More
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