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Geann Industrial Co., Ltd.

Geann Industrial Co., Ltd.
Geann Industrial Co., Ltd.

Geann Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1979. With over 40 years of experience, we are the leading manufacturer of valve cartridge in Taiwan. Our major products are Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridge, Rough-In valve and OEM / ODM precision parts.

Geann Industrial Co., Ltd. got various international certifications of recognition, such as NSF61/9-G, cUPC and NSF372 for North America; WRAS for United Kingdom; ACS for France; DVGW-KTW and W270 for Germany; Watermark for Australia , and etc.

Geann Industrial Co., Ltd. cooperates with a variety of companies to design their cartridge and have well completed the design project. We are experienced and have technic to help you archive your dream, solve your problem, creative your product, and give you flexible service. For providing customers high quality and competitive prices, Geann Industrial Co., Ltd. has passed ISO 9001 certification, IECEx certification. Through the group allied companies, Geann Industrial Co., Ltd. provides high quality products and competitive prices to customers.

Geann Industrial Co., Ltd. focuses on producing and developing plumbing valve, such as Ceramic Disc Cartridge / Headwork, Thermostatic valve and Rough-In valve in the recent year.

2020The Company Performance Awards recognized by dun&brandstreet.
2016Management System certificated by the Supplier Business Practice.
2014Products certificated with International Design Excellence Awards.
2013Products certificated with WaterMark for Australia Market.
2011Products certificated with Taiwan Excellence Award.
2009Products certificated with IECEx for Australia Market.
2006Lead-in Strategy Map and KPI into Performance Management System.
2005Products certificated with WRAS, ACS and DVGW for Europe Market.
2004Products certificated with NSF61-9 and CUPC for North America Market.
2003Lead-in ISO9001 into Quality Management System.
2002Won the National Award for outstanding Research and Development.
1979Established Geann Industrial Co., Ltd.
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