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How Does Faucet Ceramic Cartridges Design Impact Temperature Sensitivity?

Fine-Tuning Temperature
Fine-Tuning Temperature

The sensitivity test evaluates the precision of temperature control in faucet valve cartridges, and the ceramic disc's design is crucial to achieving this sensitivity. While the handle's length can influence temperature, during the design stage, we prioritize considerations like water backflow and sealing area to guarantee optimal sensitivity. Notably, between 34°C and 42°C, our faucet valve cartridges outperform competitors, boasting unparalleled sensitivity worldwide.

Sensitivity requirements for the European market

According to the EN817 standard, predominantly followed in the European market, the temperature test range spans from 34°C to 42°C—a range most often utilized by end-users. Apart from temperature considerations, the water supply pressure is set at 0.3±0.02Mpa (3±0.2bar). The handle is operated at a pace of 0.5 degrees per second, with detailed variations recorded. Once the temperature control device completes its motion range, it's returned to its starting position. These data points are then utilized to draft a sensitivity curve.
For temperatures ranging from 34°C to 42°C, the minimum amplitude movement for basin/sink control devices is 10mm, while shower/bath control devices require 12mm. Geann’s Single Lever Cartridge boasts a 20° operational angle within the 34°C to 42°C temperature bracket. Our cartridge provides users with a broad adjustment scope in this range. Hence, with Geann's High Sensitivity Cartridge, users can fine-tune their desired temperature effortlessly.

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