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Environmental Policy

Environmental Protection, Conflict-free Minerals

Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection

"Geann Product, Green Product". As the leading manufacturer in valve cartridges, Geann pay attention to environmental issues and is certified by Environmental Protection Bureau of Taiwan that no air pollution, noise pollution, waste pollution, toxic pollution and water pollution or any violation of regulation was found, and got water saving certification. Geann always believe the more persistence in protecting environment, the greener our globe can be!

Since Geann was established, we have strived to build a friendly relationship with our supplies and customers, to form a comfortable working environment to our workers, and to accomplish company ethics and social responsibilities. Furthermore, we pursue a better living environment for our next generation by meeting the environmental policy - Energy Saving and Waste Reduction.

Conflict-free Minerals Management Policy

To fulfill America Conflict-free Minerals Regulation, Geann assures to use the metals which meet the standard the Policy. Any metal, such as Au, Ta, Sn, Co, or W, which illegally obtained from the conflict region, such the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), will not be used.

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